Reviews of External Hard Drives

People are quite often looking for reviews of external hard drives. As such we have put together this site to assist people in reviewing the various reviews of external hard drives and to discern for themselves the best drive to select.

Reviews of External Hard Drives – Key Topics

When looking at Reviews of External Hard Drives, it is important that you focus in on several factors usually written into the review:

  • Drive Capacity – This is the factor everyone looks for
  • Drive Speed – This can influence the speed at which the data is written or read
  • Drive Interface – Different interfaces can have impact on speed as well as the connectivity to your computer
  • the Pros and Cons – These are usually opinions about the product and you can glean a lot of valuable information about that drive and will it work for your application
  • Technical Specs – Watch this area for physical size, specifics about the drive, backup software, and other factors
  • the Bottom Line – This is usually a summary that will tell you if the drive is one that you should consider

The key thing when reading these reviews is that you look for two things.  First you want to look for a drive that meets your criteria.  In fact, it is often good to take a review and build your own set of criteria.  For example looking at external hard drives, we may want to consider the format of the drive (Mac or PC), the capacity, the interface, the weight and personal preferences such as color.  Once you have these factors, you can then match them against the drives being reviewed.

Reviews of External Hard Drives by Manufacturer & other Criteria

Reviews of External Hard DrivesOne type of break out of Reviews of External Hard Drives is to look at the Manufacturer and see what sort of groupings can be gathered, such as in a summary format where you can sort drives by the manufacturer, or by capacity or the like.

We have an external hard drive review comparison where you can sort based on manufacturer, or by several other factors.
When looking for a new External Hard drive, you want to be sure that you are looking at not only the specs of the drive, but you also want to consider any comments, favorable and unfavorable.

Keep in mind that it is very common for people to post favorable comments about products themselves to boost their score, so you want to look at products that have a lot of comments and then weigh the good and the bad yourself.  Often people will post negative comments, but every product has negative comments.  The thing to look at is if you can learn about certain traits of that product and determine if there is a reoccurring issue.  Often the negative complaint is a one time concern.

Reviews of External Hard Drives – Summary

In summary, when you are reading reviews of external hard drives, you want to discern the key factors that will help you make a decision and not be swayed because the author thinks it is a good drive.   Keep in mind that personal preferences such as color or size may not always be the best choice.  Also look at the reviews to see if people have had long term success with the drive.   We wish you luck as you shop for External hard drives.


Reviews of External Hard Drives

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